Revell Klingon D-7


This is the 1/600 Klingon D-7 by Revell. The kit is based on the D-7 model made by Greg Jein that we see in the TOS/DS9 crossover episode Trials and Tribble-ations.

It’s therefore between the classic D-7 and the K’tinga, witch some details on the bridge and the body. So I decided to go for my own version of it…

The main color is Vallejo Russian Green, with some metallic medium in it. The details were painted with grey metallic and bronze/copper to stay with a “classic” look.

The nacelles were light with green LEDs, the impulse engines with yellow and red, the bridge and the bulb with white and red.

The base was simply made with a back-lit Klingon Insignia.



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