A Bird-Of-Prey, yes but a Romulan Bird-Of-Prey (part 2) !

And it was finally time to paint the Bird-Of-Prey ! I decided to go with a pale green base coat, so I choose 3 colors :

  • Vallejo Model Color Pastel Green 70.885
  • Vallejo Model Air Pale Green 71.095
  • Vallejo Model Air White Grey 71.119

Those three colors were mixed to get different shades :

  • Mix of VMC Pastel Green and VMA Pale Green for the dark color, however that was a little too close to my base color;
  • Straight VMC Pastel Green for my base color;
  • Mix of VMC Pastel Green and VMA White Grey to do the highlights


For airbrushing, I used a Harder & Steenbeck Evolution X with a 0.15 mm setup.

I started with my darker color, in the corners and recesses, and I used a piece of paper to accentuate the panel lines.


On the nacelles and on the back, as there wasn’t any details, I created them, using my piece of paper.



Next was my base color. This isn’t a pre-shading technique, so I was careful not to cover the previous color. However, the contrast between the two shades wasn’t enough, and the difference is barely visible…


Then I did the Highlights, hitting the top of the model, like the bridge, the fin, etc… And re-doing the paper trick, but the opposite way I did before…



And this is how it looked once the paint had dried.


For the end of the nacelles, I went for a metallic look, with the dome lighter in color (like on the Enterprise).

I painted them first with Vallejo Model Color Gun Metal, and I then I mixed it with VMC Silver for the domes.


Then, I dry-brushed some Vallejo Model Air Aluminium. That work on two levels, as the Aluminium is lighter in color than Gun Metal, but the VMA range is also more metallic than the VMC, so it had even more contrast.


Next up was the nacelles caps, but I haven’t made up my mind yet. I first painted them blue, but then I realized that it wouldn’t go with the orange decals, so I repainted them. I went for an orange with a metallic effect.


Still not sure I like it better, but I’m gonna wait to see it with the decals to decide.

In the meantime, I took care of the drooping nacelle, and I drill the hole for the clear rod. I also gloss coated the ship and prep it for the decals. And you are now caught up with me, as this is how the model looks like right now !



A Bird-Of-Prey, yes but a Romulan Bird-Of-Prey (part 1) !

Finally resuming work on the 1/1400 Romulan Bird-Of-Prey ! Got a lot of bad luck on this one, but everything is finally back on track !

But let’s start at the beginning, here are some pics of the kits before any work done :







The few minor flaws were quickly dealt with, but that’s when disaster (or clumsiness) struck !


I actually drop the model ! And as everything was glued with epoxy, it’s not the glue joint that broke, it’s the resin ! The worst damage was the wing, it’s an extremely thin piece, and very difficult to re-glue…


Then second stupid thing that I did : I over-sanded and completely changed the shape of the wing !


That took a while to fix. I used Apoxie sculpt to “fill” the most of it, then successive layer of putty to re-form the wing.


The back of the nacelles were also really bad, with a lot of bubbles in them, so instead of trying the fix them, I’ve sculpted some domes “outside” of the nacelles, copying the design of the Enterprise, as the Romulan BOP was supposed to be created with stolen design plan from Starfleet.


But in the end, I got everything taken care of, and ready for painting !


Painting and decaling will be the subject of part 2 as I’m still tweaking a few things, but here’s a quick look :


One of the thing I’m gonna change, is the nacelles caps. I will be repainting those in red/orange…


See you soon for part 2 !


Falling in love with the Klingon D7 all over again

Ah ! The Klingon Battle Cruiser D7… Probably one of my favourite starship from the Star Trek Univers.

Heck, probably from all the Universes ! Always like the ships from The Orignal Series… The simplicity of the details, the color scheme, and the originality of the design..
But the Klingon D7 had always that -je ne sais quoi- that made me fall in love with the design. And yes, if I’m honest, I prefer it to the Enterprise !

Anyway, I’ve recently finished the 1/2500 Klingon D7 for my TOS Project and I fell in love all over again…


This is actually the first time I went for the studio model paint scheme… Pale green and Purple-grey… Love it !

I’m not sure why I’ve never painted that way before, but now that I did, I don’t think I’ll ever paint it any other way…

Before that, I had done the two other Klingon D7 models.

First, the 1/1000 Polar light kit :



As you can see, I went with a simple paint scheme. I believe the base color was a custom mix… Not sure what was my thinking at that time, but I didn’t put much decals. I think there are one Klingon insignia on the top side, and one on the bottom side…

While I think that color is great for Klingon ships, now, I kinda regrets not going for the studio model paint scheme…

Next one was the 1/600 Klingon D7 from Revell :


That is a weird one ! It’s actually based one the model you see in the TOS/DS9 crossover : Trials and Tribble-ations…

It’s therefore between a K’tinga and the classic D7. No regrets there, I think the Russian Green I’ve chosen for the base color works perfectly on this kit, which in the end, is neither the D7 nor the K’tinga…

We’ve talk about what I’ve done, so now, let’s talk about what I will do !

The 1/1400 Klingon D7 from Alliance Models :

Yep, that one is coming. I’d like to finish the 1/1400 Romulan BOP first (it will be done soon) but very exited about building that one !

A 1/650 scale D7? I do have two boxes of that kit. A repop from AMT/ERTL and the Tin Box Edition from Round 2.


Nice size, and I do plan to hang it rather than using a base for it, so it should made for a nice display…

The only problem is all the fit issues ! Lots of putty work on that one !

A studio scale D7?!

This kit is produced by Scott at Atomic City and it’s directly molded from the Studio Scale model. It has been on my radar for a long time but I’ve never been brave enough to order it ! I’m not even sure that it is still in production…

But I do hope to buy and build it one day, and of all the big resin kits out there, that’s the first I will buy !

So, if you’re following my builds (and thank you if you do), you will see more Klingon D7 being built, and more importantly, more accurate to the studio scale model !

Update : I had just finished writing up this post that I heard back from Scott at Atomic City… Yep, I’m getting a Studio Scale D7 ! That’s happening ! 


Meanwhile in the twelve colonies…

So totally out of the blue, I’ve decided to go for the Viper Mk I from the Classic Battlestar Galactica…


This will get the full lighting treatment, so I’ve also got the Paragrafix Photo-etch for it !



And finally, as I don’t like decals, I’ve also got the Aztec Dummies mask to paint to red strips on it !




You can look forward to an out-of-the-box review soon, and I’m hoping to get to the build up before the end of the year…


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